About Us

MR Foods is a part of City Indian Spicy Foods which is a pioneer in snacks making.We started in 2018 at Pattukottai but our clients are Spread all over the world like Singapore,Malaysia,America etc…, We are a startup but we are experts in snacks making so you never miss the traditional taste of Indian Snacks.
You are familiar with the name of City Indian spicy food,they are the legends in Indian snacks making which is located in Malaysia.Now we Started MR Foods as a branch of City Indian Spicy food in India for making snacks Locally and also internationally.

“Don’t Worry About Eating Snacks!!” 

We know the value of Human health,so we always concentrate on the hygiene level of the snacks we make.Some big  companies add lots of preservative to the snacks,they take care of their snacks health only not yours.We never do like that,we gave more important to the health of the people,so we make fresh,healthy and natural snacks with zero preservatives and zero selfishness.

eat healthy