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About MR Foods

MR Foods is a part of City Indian Spicy Foods which is a pioneer in snacks making.We started in 3rd Jan ,2020 at Johor Bahru, Malaysia but our clients are Spread all over the world like Singapore,India, Australia etc…, We are a startup but we are experts in snacks making since 2003 in World Market. We had 17 Years of Experience in Snacks Making ,Now Start as a New Company  For Making New Varieties of Murukku And Sweets so you never miss the traditional taste of Indian Snacks.We Started at Johor Bahru to Introduce Different varieties of  Murukku For Whole sale and Retail By New Brand Name…

Hygiene and Healthy

We not only focus on taste of the snacks , we also focus on the way of Snacks Preparation.We make it with 100% Hygienic.

Traditional and Tasty

Everyone loves the traditional taste of the food.So,we never forget the traditional way of making snacks.

Want tastiest & Crispiest Indian Snacks

Our Awesome Team

We have Experienced and Youngest Team

Ramesh R

Founder & Director

Pravin Clinton.R

Managing Director

Joysan Prakash.R


Our Products

Plain Murukku

Spicy Star Murukku

Roll Murukku

Ginger Murukku


Special Laddu

Snacks Varieties

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